Gwenael MASSOT   Tower in Guadalajara   COARQ competition first prize

Gwenael MASSOT Tower in Guadalajara COARQ competition first prize by gwenael massot from france

designer's own words:

The building is generated by combinaison of program with conditions of the plot. The plot is ubicated at the intersection of two importants ways of the town, and front of a new iconic infrastructure : Jorge Matute Remus' bridge.

From this situation, a 14 meters large bands is cuted from the external side of the plot, then extruded in order to have a scale according with the urban context. Inside of this 14 meters, we can easily draw some housing with two-side façade, including a natural ventilation for best thermical performance. Then, this band have been modeled en function of the context : a loop backward front of the bridge, an another front of the principal street, an aperture in some angles in order to connect the street-side with the back-side of the plot.
The building is converted in a snake, dancing with the urban elements.

A tower of housing dwelling take place in the corner, and make an echo with the existing one, in the other side of the boulevard.

Commercial program enjoy the street accesibility and publics spaces, down the building. Offices are isolated, according with program demands. Events infrastructures, cultural and sports design are taken place on the top of the horizontal elements, thanks to that, it enjoy large high roof. Housing represents a layer inside the building, and in the tower, with large scale views on Guadalajara's landscape made by mountains all around.

A landscape work integrate the ground to the urban context, and leeds paths from street to interiors programs and vice versa. There's no perceptibles limits between private and publics spaces.

Concept :

Actual architecture is generated by the plot where it takes place, and then, is converted in monolith. Iconic value dominate today's architecture.

An iconic situation is created in this site by the construction of the Jorge Matute Remus' bridge. In front of this architectural gesture, we had to answer with an echo, with a vertical and beautiful building, which participates at the construction of a urban case.