hoodle handle with hook

hoodle handle with hook by kaiyu lei from taiwan

designer's own words:

we always are embarrassed because no extra hand to take key to open door when arriving home. the problem could be solved, just placing the things as bags on your hang on floor. but it might cause your precious bag dirty or damaging the inside weak objects.

hoodle, a handle of door with hook extend the hook function from key-hole part, let you hang your bag on, and then be leisure to find the key and open the door.

hoodle doesn`t want to replace the existed handle, just considerates the use of doorknob, so keeps the shape simple, to make sure that user can aware the hook feature intuitively.

main concept

hoodle_explanatory_pannel2.jpg scenario

hoodle_explanatory_pannel3.jpg material and dimension

hoodle_explanatory_pannel4.jpg general angle when door closed

hoodle_explanatory_pannel5.jpg rotated angle when door opening