i wish to be rain

i wish to be rain by Matter&Fact from uk

designer's own words:

Humans now have the ability affect, control and even cause natural phenomena, whether it is rain, an earthquake or a flood. We wonder if a person could do this not just by their actions, but literally transform themselves into types of natural spectacle. If death we do have the potential to do just this.

Cloud seeding is a way to intentionally modify weather, in an attempt trigger precipitation from clouds. Rain is catalysed this way, as water vapour condenses around either ash or silver nitrate particles dispersed within a cloud.

We imagine that a person will have the option in their will request to radically and ambitiously transform their body after their death into rain using cloud seeding. Following a funeral and cremation of a body, the crematorium will give the bereaved an aluminium vessel that contains their loved one’s remains and a dormant aerostat.

Grief goes through several stages and the vessel is designed to be activated whenever the bereaved is ready. At the point they are, their simply turn the top segment, opening a valve to a helium tank which filling a weather balloon with the buoyant gas. This event is uplifting one, not over planned or formal; simply picking the right day and broody looking enough clouds. Finally, the capsulated ashes are sent skywards by turns the middle section against the bottom.

As the sealed capsule ascends and fades out of sight, it becomes increasingly pressurised. At the point it reaches the troposphere, the highest point at which clouds formed, the capsule bursts, dispersing the ashes into the clouds below.

Releasing the capsulei wish to be rainTechnical Drawingi wish to be rainSeeding Process Diagram