i'm by ran elimelech from israel

designer's own words:

"i'm" deals with the relationship between computer and it's user on a functional, emotional and perceptional level. it answers the question why do we sometimes feel that our personal computer is our best friend, whom we can connect to and feel most comfortable with.
the project divides this deep connection into three objects that embodies those levels:
the core of connection, "i'm" or interfaced memory: a portable mouse that contains the computer's memory (with flash memory card) and functions as a proper hard-disk for the computer set with an interface that contains it. this i'm can be applied to other computers (with a sata cable) as a leech that uses their hardware as is own. the i'm allows the owner the possibility of a mobile personal work environment.
the experience, the shell: light net-book that designed in a surface manner to enrich the emotional connection between the user and its computer.
the connector: an input/output connector that contains usb, speakers, wi-fi and power plugs. this connector is exterior to the computer's body and can be disconnected without intemperance with the flow of the i'm experience.


copy_2_mouse.jpg i’m mouse

copy_0_mouse_and_connector.jpg mouse and connector