impression crockery

impression crockery by benjamin hubert from uk

designer's own words:

Ceramic bowl and spoon set.
The dish allows the user to create your own dining space inline with developing user behaviour ever more present in 2015 where the dining area is more commonly found away from the table or any stable surface. ‘Create your own table’
Comprised of a single surface with the impression of a bowl and spoon formed in it. The set looks at developing behavioural patterns in dining over the next 10 years. However the product still retains the tactile quality of traditional earthenware ceramics. These traditional hand made elements will become ever more important in a technology led mass consumerism lifestyle.
The dish has a large surface surrounding the lip of the bowl, which represents raising the tabletop to the top of your dish. This enables the user to place the spoon on the bowl rather than a tabletop when there is no tabletop available or desirable or in the food. The spoon fits in a spoon shaped impression on the top of the dish and shares a similar tactile design language.

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