inaho by Tangent from uk

designer's own words:

A golden ear of rice slowly swinging in the wind - It gave us an inspiration for an interior light that glows gold in the dark. The product’s stem is made of a 2.5 mm wide carbon fibre tube, LEDs attached to its end and covered with a 10 mm wide opaque tube. For the LED unit, we carefully chose tiny vivid LEDs and lined them up beautifully, which created a delicate form, like a real plant, without hiding those components and reduced its weight. The base has human-detection sensors in three directions around it to control the stem to gently sway towards human. By extracting the characteristics and motion from an ear of rice and representing them with minimal elements, we approached a neutral product that is not limited to a particular environment.

In this application, we propose to create a golden field with 100 - 200 pieces of INAHO. It is an installation where people could visit and feel the golden luminous grass that responds to the visitor. For example at home, a few pieces of INAHO light will bring a more relaxing and richer time. In a commercial space, dozens of INAHO will make a new entrance which welcomes visitors by making swaying motions according to their steps from outside to inside. This product would play roles of an ornamental plant, indirect lighting and also as communication.

The motion of a swinging ear of rice is not something the plant makes by itself, but a passive motion that is created by wind. The effective balance of the stems’ hardness and the weight of rice create a beautiful and impressive motion. This aspect is particularly important throughout this project.

If we imitated only the form of the plant and used hard metal for the stem part, the motion would be suddenly lost and the essence of nature could not be delivered. We carefully examined material, size and weight to achieve a well balanced form and a beautiful motion as a result of this balance. Finally the original inspiration was delivered with the 2.5 mm wide carbon fibre tube and the tuned balance between these elements.

We used the technology of artificial muscle fibre to make this motion. This fibre can be controlled with electric currents and a little pull on the root of the stem triggers motion. Moreover this motion is driven by people’s presence. Human-detection sensors are embedded in the base so when a person comes by the INAHO, it slowly sways in that direction.

This harmony of form and motion could create a product which is not like an ordinary static interior lighting. It can bring a natural and warm atmosphere, and also communicate with people. Additionally, as for Lfinesse, we believe the ‘Seamless Anticipation’ could settle in the motion, ‘Incisive Simplicity’ in the form, and ‘Intriguing Elegance’ in the harmony between those and functions.

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