Inclusive Design: Door handle

Inclusive Design: Door handle by rowan Nowell from uk

Welcome to my inclusive design project. The problem i’m tackling is to make door handles easier for people with arthritis, disabilities or if you have your hands full, as the image shows using a door handle creates allot of stress on your wrist.

door_handle_comp_page_2_low_res.jpg This is my motion testing, where I experimented with different ways of opening a door. I found from my testing, that side to side motion worked best for every one. Disabled, or if you simply had your hands full.

door_handle_comp_page_3_low_res_.jpg Retro fitting this design to an already established mechanism (inside the door) was an important aspect of the design. I developed a working model, mechanism. It shows its possible to convert the horizontal side to side motion to rotating motion.

door_handle_comp_page_4_low_res.jpg This is the design of the handle, as it is designed to be used by any one, I wanted a sleek and attractive look. So not to create stigma of people who would have these fitted in there home. This is an inclusive door handle that everyone would have.

door_handle_comp_page_5_low_res.jpg This sequence of photos shows how to operate the door handle. You can push it to the left and the door will open, or push the handle to the right then the door will open.

door_handle_comp_page_6_low_res.jpg Thank you for looking at my design