interactive bicycle signal

interactive bicycle signal by hyunjeong kim from korea

designer's own words:

More and more people are riding bicycles as a means of transportation, rather than mere hobby or exercise.
Accordingly, social infrastructure like bicycle lanes are established, but there are insufficient safety facilities and traffic systems for it. For this, we suggest traffic signals for bicycles in order to prevent the prevalent safety accidents.

INTERACTIVE BICYCLE SIGNAL deviates from the one-way signal method, and enabled traffic control according to the flow of bicycle riders. It is located in curved roads or on-ramps which have high risks of accidents, and alarms the riders with a green light in case of a one-way traffic lane, yellow & red light in case of detecting a bicycler from the opposite lane. Also, by functioning as a safety light in the night, it prevents collisions of bicycles at night. It also has a zone identification message on the outside which allows convenient notification of locations. In an emergency, it enables quick responses. These functions provide a traffic system that takes care of the overall guide and safety of bicycle lanes.

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