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designer's own words:

"Jenny" and "Justin" are a “couple” of extravagant storage furniture combining the stylishness and movability of hand baggage with the functionality of a cabinet.

Teenagers are hybrids, caught in the middle between being children and adults. They are half individualistic and half group-oriented, both opponents of everything fashionable and fashion-addict.

It is this typically teenage state of “inbetweenness” that characterizes "Jenny" and "Justin". "Jenny" basically consists of a classic red beauty case, "Justin" of a traditional blue sports bag. Each of these fashionable retro-style, imitation leather bags is fixed on four 45 cm high wooden (beech) legs, thus becoming an accessory-furniture-hybrid.

"Jenny/Justin" ironically reflect common clichés of puberty and adolescence: the sprouting of female vanity (beauty case) and male sports enthusiasm and competitiveness (sports bag) as well as the inconsistency of the teenage character and behaviour (stationary baggage – portable furniture).

"Jenny" and "Justin" prove that inconsistency does not inevitably mean senselessness and chaos. These leggy bags are both funny and useful – but above all they are youthful and hip.

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