join by mark braun from germany

designer's own words:

JOIN is a collection of porcelain products in three variations based on sensual and cultural concepts, named JOIN_black, JOIN_sense and JOIN_spot.
The basiq idea for this productdevelopment has his origin in the research, called PORCELAIN +X, where i analysed the potential of materialcombinations.

As a collection JOIN in detail represents a basic breakfast tablewareset of two cups, one cerealbowl and a small plate. The set is completed by a ceiling lamp.

JOIN_black is like the transition from night to day.

The combination of black and white china highlits the vast potentials of the material ceramics in colour
and surface finish. In detail black colour and unglased surface finish are the unexpected elements to discover a new kind of tableware.

JOIN_sense is the senseful morningcall for the breakfast table.

The special coating of JOIN_sense causes an effect,
which is an extraordinary benefit for the porcelainsurface in three ways.
The surface has a pleasant softtouch habtic available in a large range of colours that otherwise couldnĀ“t be done in ceramic glasing.
An additional feature of the lacquer is its rubbery grip making the handling more comftable.

JOIN_spot makes the diffrence by a very small detail.

The little spot of glas breaks over the surface. Simply yet surprising how much a small spot of light can effect the whole composition. All of a sudden each object gives a direction letting you play with order and disorder. This point liturally is exagerrated in the lamp, when the beaming spot of light causes curiosity in the first place.


copy_0_join_sense.jpg JOIN_sense

copy_0_join_spot.jpg JOIN_spot