kandf sticks

kandf sticks by karl baxter from australia

designer's own words:

This is a design that is looking at emerging trends within Japan and the world. Western culture, and indeed food is well established within Japan, and, there is also an emerging environmental consciousness.

The Japanese, ever on the move via their ubiquitous bullet trains, unfortunately use throw away chopsticks to consume bento boxes, contributing to massive amounts of rubbish. And with the western style food often consumed, perhaps an alternative is needed.

kandf sticks, made from stainless steel, have been created to cater for an emerging consumer. The environmentally and pratically aware consumer.

The bringing together of the knife and fork, with chopsticks, should see this consumer satisfied in more ways than one.

kandf sticks

copy_0_use1.gif use 1 – kanf sticks

copy_0_use2.gif use 2 – kandf sticks