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The user can usually change familiar "scenery" for "a heart of the user which suggest something else" and let new "scenery" be reborn.
ser can usually change familiar "scenery" for "a heart of the user which suggest something else" and let new "scenery" be reborn.
With "the heart of the user which suggest something else"
It is handed down the embezzled fish basket which I hung, and, as for Rikyu Senno, the fisherman who did fishing flashed to the waist incidentally and I chose the fish basket which I bought it and obtained as a vase and seemed to arrange a flower. I liken a casual fish basket to a vase.
I thought that the mind of the choice of Rikyu who I kept the five senses alive and did an inventive idea and expressed the change in the four seasons, and usually entertained familiar things should be succeeded to in history in now when it became full with things.
I adopted a new concept while regarding "a heart of the heart of the user which suggest something else" as important this time.
Japanese enjoyed "a slight change of nature" and "the change of the four seasons that went by" in Japan and I kept the beauty in instant in the four seasons by serving a dish and wagashi in a container and the Bon Festival, and "choosing it" and expressed it.
When it is conventional container and tableware, "the face" which is the front has been already fixed, and the master will serve a cake and a dish in completed scenery.
KASHIBON is that the master adds a hand by oneself, and "a face" becoming the front is fixed, and scenery is completed, and "the ground" and the whole of "the figure" harmonize, and "choice" is completed.
In conformity to the Japanese sweet that the master became "the figure", I thought that "the scenery which I chose" which seemed to be oneself appropriate for the place was completed by changing "the ground" and the tray that it was, and fusing.
KASHIBON can direct the scenery which I was not able to express in before including the balance of the blank of the space with a kind and the amount of the Japanese sweet which the master serves, ingredients and the container to be able to change "a color" and "a pattern" and "a fluctuation of the light" by own hand to taste.
Because it is possible to change a pattern by the OEL which I incorporated, I can decide where the master does the front and "the face" that it is.
It is beautiful and can express the movement that there is a little nature in the four seasons while changing scenery of KASHIBON in conformity to the article which the master serves and it seems to be oneself and can entertain it by the scenery which I chose.

User can changes scenery in KASHIBON
a pattern of the choice moves
Plum during the cold
Dance of long autumnal night