kinetic light buoy

kinetic light buoy by alexander rehn from germany

designer's own words:

kinetic light buoy

luminuos buoys are worldwide essential for shipping navigation in coastel areas. but how could we bring energy for the lights on the far open water during dawn and night?

the sea is always in motion and we think using its kinetic energy by the buoy itself is a smart solution.

the buoy uses a system which is common for autonomic wristwatches in a new way.
a big flywheel runs in cirlce by the movement of the buoy. a generator beneath is thereby driven.

in so doing the buoy is an autonomous system which needs no endless electricity cable or polluting strong batterys which are also accident-sensitive.
the buoy has just to be fixed on its place by a cheap and small anchor.

the shell is made out of natural fibre plastic which is nowadays stiff and waterproof for a long life time cycle without using any fossil fuel.

low usage and high life time of led´s is optimum for this project. a round screen made of hundrets of leds glows enduring and shows the ships the sea condition by the speed of the moving light.

a daylight sensor registers when no artificial light is needed on the water. the storage battery will then be charged for smooth nights.

because of the stabilisation weight and storage battery in the bottom, the buoy will always stand up again like a matryoshka.

the kinetic buoy is essential for shipping navigation

boje01.gif autonomous kinetic energy system by itself

boje2.gif dimensions and parts of the buoy