l thread

l thread by Andy Lee from australia

designer's own words:


L-thread can ignite motion through:

ACTIVATION - Initiate movement and action through inspiration and curiosity
Being active and getting fit requires motivation. So you need to create a gravitational pull; a psychological lure.
Performance wear, such as a running jacket engineered with L-thread could do this. L-thread is always active. This means that even when stationary the fabric is responding to external forces. This movement calls to you like a song written in motion.
Once on, the interactive surface of the jacket ignites you into motion through a mixture of inspiration and curiosity. L-thread then becomes a process through interaction.

ANTICIPATION - Process visualised data to give foresight
Visualising surface airflow can provide an awareness to subtle changes like wind direction, wind speed or even an approaching mass, all of which can affect your game. L-thread bestows its bearers and wearers with the ability to anticipate the forces of their environment.

RESPONSE - Adjust movement and form on-the-fly
Visualised data allows you to process and adjust your movement on-the-fly. You may become more aerodynamic, adjust your angle of attack, anticipate an incoming force and move away from its trajectory. In the case of a windsurfing sail, you could manipulate its angle with more directional foresight.

The speed of which you are travelling also affects L-thread; illuminating and changing colour to signify milestones. In the case of performance wear, when a milestone approaches, individual threads begin to appear as though they are burning with energy; pushing the wearer through the threshold and onto the next level.

Beyond performance wear and equipment there could also be possible uses in the medical industry that may require real-time surface airflow analysis.

FUTURE SCOPE - Beyond visualisation
It’s predicted that we are at the tipping point of a health boom. Self-tracking devices like fit-bit, Nike Fuel and ZEO are hot topics. Utilising the sensors used in L-thread, you could capture more accurate data, which can be piggy-backed with other self-tracking devices. These sensors could also be used for post-form analysis, e.g. correcting your golf swing.

L4. (Surface) silicone nano-wire based cantilevers for surface air-flow sensing (option 2: Flexible, weatherised piezoresistive pressure sensor, option 3: miniature piezoresistive pressure sensor ) and Piezoelectric tri-axis accelerometers
L3. Dual Electrochromic and AMOLED layer/s (option 2: printed e-ink, option3: LED matrix)
L2. Flexible and transparent Graph-Exeter circuits (option 2: Flexible Silicon circuits)
L1. (Base) Translucent textile (application relative)

The aesthetic vision – performance outerwear example l thread Line-of-sight l thread Air flow visualisation l thread Speed visualisation l thread Turbulence visualisation