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The concept tries to capture essence of the new Fiat 500, epitomising what it is all about. It’s a beautiful reflection (literally) from a different era – an era full of life, memories and positive expectations.

The subtle message is hidden in a special paint or multiple layers of lacquer, so that when light strikes the car in certain ways, it suddenly takes one down memory lane: The car reflects imagery communicating innocent lust for life, positiveness, belief in the future, plain fun – and a certain amount of la dolce vita.

The actual images (or rather photographs) could visualise the values mentioned above with or without direct links to the original Cinquecento, since the concept is not only about the car, but rather a lifestyle and a state of mind. A healthy dose of unmistakable Italian flavour would be convenient, yet universal nostalgia being the key word. And quite naturally, sufficient range of photos should create a feel of uniqueness and personality to each car.

Notably, the look and feel of this special edition of the new Fiat 500 could easily be transformed into brochures, marketing materials and so on. Furthermore, since the concept is so very clear and simple, it is the most versatile considering the car itself. For example, the same imagery could be printed on the fabrics of the seats using modern textile printing methods, creating an effect as strong as the one explained earlier, but this time in the interior – assumably being a very easy-to-produce variant of the same theme.

Inside or outside, exterior or interior, simple or challenging, the concept – and the new Fiat 500 – is about to put a smile on one’s face:

Forza Cinquecento!

revealing the message

copy_65_page2.jpg down memory lane in colour

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