LandCork / Modular System for ecotourism

LandCork / Modular System for ecotourism by For Studio from portugal

designer's own words:

LandCork is an architecture product for a modular system in the context of infrastructure to support ecotourism.
It’s a pre-fabricated modular architecture product based on the use of Cork. Invest
in the product creativity and innovation of matters.
In the context of areas with high landscape sensitivity, Cork is a material of great ability to integrate this kind of landscape and with high weather resistance. The product offers also several advantages in the design and use, such as: the ease and speed of construction;
versatility; economy; integration into the natural landscape.
LandCork proposes a ecomodular system, versatile, sustainable, made with portuguese raw materials, in order to provide solution facilities for the market of nature tourism and ecotourism, in places like beaches, mountains or in natural parks, serves areas such as catering, sports, information points and accommodation/dormitories.
The intention is to fill a void in the market area of nature tourism and ecotourism. It is intended to create a product excellency with a contemporary image that combines certification by partners and regulators, with aesthetic and technological innovation, thereby producing a product specific and differentiated in the market.
It’s from the tradition, marked by restraint and formal austerity that comes the theme. There is a very rich and varied vocabulary that takes us back to the cultural regions of intervention.
Cultural values, landscape and architectural uniqueness retained in our imagination allow a direct association to the place, as well as the use of natural and material resources that allow us to approach the “object” to the context where it will be inserted. It is in this direction, that arise the hydraulic mosaics as formal definition and cork as materiality.
There is always in the intervention an interior /exterior dichotomy. Modules generally are articulated around the outer space, creating a central “neuralgic” that gives access to the different programmatic spaces, in effective terms allows us a significant reduction in the circulation space. Special attention is given to optimize space and a functional diagram adaptable to all typologies.
The outdoor terrace consists of shade area with reeds, where there is a special care in the design of stereotomy coverage. The use of the reed resulted from this great potential, as a shady place, creating a fresh space that however (and given its surface) lets enough light to make the area comfortable. It was also expected the possibility to remove the reed in order to adjust to the needs and to safeguard its durability.
The project tries not to change the natural conditions of the area, while being as flexible as the natural ecosystem where it belongs (in constant transfiguration), creating a reference image based on a current image that appeals to traditional values and respect sustainable principles (self -sufficiency, resource saving, and recycling).
Lets say these structures have a kind of simplicity (in particular the reduction of material just over than wood) which seeks to harmonize with the landscape instead of impose.
For the analysis of the market concerned, it can be concluded that the market for nature tourism and ecotourism has been growing, at the same time, we witnessed the emergence of new consumption habits. From this situation arises the need to grad this trend as an opportunity and develop a reference product for this market.

LandCork / Beach interior
LandCork / Modular System for ecotourism
LandCork / Beach plans
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LandCork / Modular System for ecotourism
LandCork / Beach general view
LandCork / Modular System for ecotourism
LandCork / Mountain plans
LandCork / Modular System for ecotourism
LandCork / Mountain general view
LandCork / Modular System for ecotourism
LandCork / Mountain interior