lego door

lego door by stefanel barutcieff from romania

designer's own words:

User Research – the door as a surface for self-expression
Looking at how people use and interact with doors inside of the apartments, it seems that many of them, especially teenagers use the interior side of the door from their bedroom as a place to glue images, posters, photos, etc. The door becomes not only a divider between the rooms but also a creative way to express themselves, their interests and hobbies.

The concept – Lego Door
Lego pieces are almost universally accepted as an effective way to build complex objects and images using simple building blocks. Because of their modularity, children, teenagers as well as adults find them interesting as they can create much diversified end results based on their age and creativity.

Adding a Lego like surface on the interior of the door creates a “blank canvas” for the creativity of the users. The target consumer could be made of teenagers, parents that buy one for the children room to play but also for themselves as a stress free way to relax and enjoy their hobby. Infinite number of patters or topics can be made: black and white or colored, abstract or figurative, portraits or landscapes, all year topics or seasonal themes.
Lego pieces are already sold on the market in various shapes and forms and do not need an extra investment from the door manufacturer. The door also had a plastic translucent container built in the lower part that can store the extra Lego part not in use.