Li ming Traffic Light v.1.07

Li ming Traffic Light v.1.07 by LI MING HSING from korea

designer's own words:

1. Recycling Time (Exercise Red Light):

Although there are crosswalks and traffic signal systems, many accidents occur because many pedestrians ignore the signals. I tried to overcome this problem by visually improving the system rather than a mechanically and institutionally.

[Waiting time]-->[Meaningless time]--> ? [Exercise time + fun time]-->[Meaningful time]

2. Please check both sides when crossing a crosswalk (Green Light):

[Reason] For children’s case, they impulsively jump or run into the road.

[For example] at the traffic light, children tend to run across the street right after the signal turning into green, or even before the light changed.

[That's why] if we add 'the graphic of looking for cars toward both sides, right and left,' at green signal, we can warn children before they cross the street and that can prevent our children from car accidents.

Li ming Traffic Light v.1.07