light cube

light cube by joo wan-jin from korea

designer's own words:

Light Cube is a mood lamp rechargeable by solar heat. Still electric power is obtained generally from fossil fuel in many fields, but the environment of the earth is getting worse due to this fossil fuel. Light Cube is a rechargeable lamp designed for suggestion toward helping this energy and environmental problem. Light Cube absorbs the sun light reserves energy during the day like a plant in a pot, and uses this charged energy at night as lighting. Furthermore, during the charge in the daytime. It is designed to charge portable electronic devices such as hand phone or MP3 using solar energy. The design shape of this Light Cube is coming from the ivy and designed to charge solar energy just like the ivy photosynthesizes sticking on windows. And this Light Pot is a module type product, so electric power can be obtained as much as needed by just adding more modules.

light cube daytime

lighting_pota71.jpg light cube night

lighting_pota9.jpg light cube explication