light form

light form by martino genchi from italy

designer's own words:

The idea of light-form come from a toy: a surface made of hundreds of nails. Simply sliding in their holes they replicates the form of any object placed behind them. the idea is to combine this effect with the light of LEDs in a modular structure made of simple and easy to build units. Each unit correspond to a LED, mounted on a channelled cylinder, and sliding into a support. In each cylinder are integrated five resistor of progressive resistance (for negative pole) and a full-conductive contact (for positive pole). Other two contacts are placed inside the support. Moving the cylinder will cause the contact sliding from a resistor to the following one, changing also the intensity of the light.
Frames of different size are used to keep together different quantity of units, connecting also the entire grid to the power supply.

A Light-form panel is a creative light source that let you change its intensity in a touch, creating any form you want.
Light-form is available in different sizes, colours and materials including transparent plastic and a portable version with batteries.