'lights on'

'lights on' by david bruno from uk

designer's own words:

‘LightsOn’, interior glass door with light feature, is the home interior door of the future balancing sophisticated cutting-edge light technology with the heritage of interior door design. We have reinvented the invented by taking an identifiable object, the classic panel door, and subjecting it to a re-examination for relevance in a contemporary world. With juxtaposed characteristics the design is familiar yet future focused. The ‘dormant’ door comes alive as a vibrant light feature both day and night. Technologically advancements in lighting design have born a new breed of compact colour-changing RGB LED lamps housed in ultra slim profiles providing opportunities for dynamic and subtle edge lighting. PolyLITE, patented edge lighting technology, goes one step further with its unique ability to illuminate ‘islands’ on a glass surface without exposing the source of the light. This is achieved by printing the glass with a special ceramic ink that captures the refracted internal light from the LED source within the perimeter frame. Able to illuminate to a distance of 3 metres from a single light source, PolyLITE produces bright and even light at any point across the entire surface, opening the possibilities for new surface designs. The lights can be controlled remotely for ease of use and effects vary from independent to mixed colours and a variety of colour cycle programmes.


lightson.jpg LightsOn

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