lineament by george hlavacs from netherlands

designer's own words:

This headset was inspired by the human face. It has a simple, stylish, characteristic form. It is designed to fit the face perfectly, so it looks more like a beautiful professional accessory than just like a fancy jewel. It has a fine clip system on the back so you can fix it to different objects to prevent being lost for example on a busy table. This product has a lot of potential to be on the market for a long time, because its concept is based on a timeless meaningful form instead of fast changing trendy features. Designing with this point of view we can make products which go longer, providing more profit and less environmental pollution. Lots of colour variations are possible and different surface pattern variations can be applied according to different personalities. Female versions can also be decorated with a few Swarovsky crystals.

lineament concept

copy_0_lineament_02.jpg clip system

copy_0_lineament_03.jpg colours & surface decoration