loop by teresa stillebacher from austria

designer's own words:

I feed my kichen - my kitchen feeds me.
loop snuggles up to the apartment building and attaches himself to the kitchen. It provides us with fresh herbs and vegetables, offers a cuddly place to relax, and provides energy to all of the kitchen appliances.
In the future, we will have to be more conscious of our energy usage. Renewable energy will become a necessity. loop is a small power plant: all we need to do is to give loop our compost, and it makes us independent of both gas and electricity. Inside of loop is a methane gas processor, which extracts methane from the decomposing materials. The gas is either used directly for the gas stove or boiler or is converted into electricity by a methanol fuel cell.
The large surface of the processor offers several types of use.
loop is a piece of furniture. In contrast to the rest of the surface of loop, the sitting zone is made of a soft flexible membrane, which transfers warmth from the inside of loop and provides a comfortable spot to chill.
More and more people are living in cities in small apartments. Still, they want to have fresh organic herbs and vegetables. loop is a garden: Herbs and vegetables grow on the surface of loop. The consistently warm surface is the ideal home for plants. Additionally, they are automatically nourished by the rich natural fertilizer. The sink faucet can be extended to water the plants.
The powerplant needs water, as do the plants. Therefore loop has a sink. The sink is surrounded by artificial rubber blades of grass, ideal for placing the dishes in. loop is a water source and a storage space.

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copy_97_02.jpg my kitchen is a power plant

copy_87_03.jpg my kitchen is a garden and a livingroom