love '60

love '60 by francesco rugi from italy

designer's own words:

The concept is to design a radiator in analogy with neon signs, a radiator in the shape of a piece of writing.
The project developes a font (including all the letters in the alphabet) in which letters becomes modules to create customized radiators composing a sentence. The letters-modules are designed in a way in which any word or sentence may be composed. To create a continuous tube, the spaces between words are designed as dashes that have also the function of the wall brackets. In the first and final letters a module that connects the radiator to the pipework is attached, this modules have a valve.
The radiator beyond beeing a functional and ornamental piece, becomes also a communication element. The company may propose a range of already done sentences or let the custumer order its own radiator with a personal sentence.

love ’60

love60_2.jpg details

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