M by DAESOL SON from korea

designer's own words:

To use moleskine note is given to each person vary experience.

first logo looks like opened notebook that is made by moleskine
seconde logo is MOLE what is animal, dig in the ground. Mole has concentration about one thing that might be 'diging'. So person who use moleskinerie note has that too.
thirth is MOLE too. Mole think about Moleskinerie. That means 'Imagination' of moleskinerie.
4th,5th,6th look like oriental texture. They has 4 accents that mean Travel, Memory, Imagination, Personal Identity which are moleskinerie's goal.


sondaesol02.jpg moletale write on moleskinerie

sondaesol03.jpg mole think about moleskinerie

sondaesol04.jpg 4 means of moleskine

sondaesol05.jpg include 4 impact on moleskine

sondaesol06.jpg M and 4 means of moleskine