Marches plantées

Marches plantées by Gwladys L from belgium

designer's own words:

Conceived within a wider demarche edified around the theme of the located sight, “Marches plantées” is a sensitive installation created to reenchant daily habits in a home.
Taking advantage of sight and gestures, and taking place on a stairs, this project is composed of hung porcelain containers filled with growing plants which will retain each footstep done.
The installation will draw a move, a climb, revealing the gesture by giving it a material appearance which will evolve in time.
This project needs care, interaction and contemplation to deploy his qualities approaching to senses.
To stimulate it, just climb the stairs.

The project is composed of several long and thin containers handcrafted in porcelain (65cm / 5cm / 2,5cm). Each of them is hanging on one step of the stairs by two riveted leather straps (22,5cm / 1cm) and two simple inclined nails. Containers are waterproof; they can function as independent elements but also all together with an irrigation system. Each container is equipped of an inflow above and a usable outflow underneath that you can use to connect pipes which will disperse the water until the next container.
Each inflow and outflow is filtered by a filter cloth to keep the pipes clean (tulle used in prototypes).
Filled with soil, each container can be used to grow different seeds. The prototype displays for instance a mix of grass, lavender, basil and chive.

Marches plantées
Touch and see
Marches plantées
Smell and taste
Marches plantées
Hear and wait
Marches plantées
Marches plantées