Medusa Lamp

Medusa Lamp by claudia carrasco from spain

designer's own words:

Medusa Lamp
Medusa conceived and made in Spain – is so-called because of its elegant marine namesake – meaning Jellyfish in Spanish. Made from laser-etched Corian®, which perfectly captures the sleek form of the Medusa, it's swooping curves and celestial light conjure images of drifting effortlessly along with the sea’s currents. A flexible element of coloured light can be added, facilitating dynamic ambient luminescence and a complimentary mood change.

Dimensions: 20 x 15 cm.
Material: White Corian.
Designs: 6 laser-etched designs.
Colours: White (coloured bulbs alter lighting effect).

Medusa Lamp

copy_573_2.jpg Medusa Lamp Cluster