mes etoiles

mes etoiles by hernando barragán from colombia

designer's own words:

Mes Etoiles is an interactive wall that responds to proximity of people
with a luminous reaction on its surface. Getting close to the wall
activates the magic effect of hundreds of light dots in the translucent
surface activated by the sensors that are part of the surface as well
giving the feeling of being drawing with the light. People can use the
wall to express, play, communicate or building collective creations
using their bodies as instrument.

The wall is constructed using stainless steel, Plexiglas, laser cutting,
custom made electronics, proximity sensors and LEDs. The bill of
material for these elements will be determined by the final size of the
Variations can be produced to accomplish a specific form or topology in
the final installation place.The qualities of the low resolution are
intended to stimulate new and forms of auto-expression and communication.

(Photo by Catalina Quijano)

copy_880_2.jpg (Photo by Oscar Monsalve)

copy_747_3.jpg (Photo by Catalina Quijano)