message in a bottle

message in a bottle by ashley phillips from uk

designer's own words:

I designed and created this shelter with several principles of sustainability in mind:
Design for disassembly, re-cycling and re-use. The igloo bottle shelter was created to make use of the plastic bottle waste that has started to blight our environment, and to inspire others about circular metabolism. Homeless people are very often very ingenious with found materials to create shelter for them selves. This shelter was made entirely from 4,000 water bottles collected after the London marathon, and held together by only 1 piece of wire and 40,000 rubber bands, sourced from sustainable plantations. The igloo could be mounted on a small mobile platform/trolley for simpler transportation.

ashley inside igloo

4photosofbottleiglooki.jpg inside and out of shelter

movingbottleigloo.jpg transportable, flexible, insulated