metamorphosis   little red riding hood

metamorphosis little red riding hood by studio Kahn from israel

designer's own words:

Metamorphosis is a series of three dolls from the famous folk tale "Little Red Riding Hood" made of ceramic and silicon in combined molding technology.
The project started playing with materials and connecting ceramic - old material with a long history - a brilliant, stiff and brittle, and silicon - a modern material, colorful, flexible and intriguing.
In the last year we have learned the materials and invented various types of interesting connections between them. We poured the knowledge, skill and technology which we developed, into the figures.

The three dolls were manufactured by us. The two materials casting incorporated together - something made possible thanks to the precision of computer design. The technology we created combines one of the most ancient craftsmanship of ceramic molding, and the newest 3D printing hi-tech.

You can use them as a puppet theater or just for decoration but the dolls won’t have any other function. Either way they will make you deal with the questions of identity and usability of objects. Swallowing and masquerading are two main motifs in the story of "Red Riding Hood" that keep the characters changing their nature constantly. The three dolls can be swallowed, folded, cling and turn inside out and create many different combinations together.

Red Riding Hood figures

metamorphosis__materials_and_technology.jpg Materials & technology

metamorphosis_in_process.jpg Working in the studio