moby dish

moby dish by don wilson from uk

designer's own words:

The Moby-dish was conceived of for homes with small kitchens, one kitchen sink and no space for a dishwasher. How often have you filled a sink with water only to find some more dirty dishes? The Moby-dish allows the human dishwasher to empty the contents of unexpected coffee cups, pots and saucepans straight into the drain without polluting the otherwise clean soapy water. Moulded in flexible polyurethane, the Moby-dish can accommodate both liquids and solid waste materials whilst avoiding other dishes in the sink. This product is both functional and fun and makes ‘doing the dishes’ far more bearable. Simply plug Moby in and pour unwanted liquids through him into the drain, with solid waste caught in the removable filter plug.

After rinsing, Moby also makes bath-time enjoyable for kids!

1. moby emerging from the deep

mobydish_2.jpg 2. moby usage

copy_0_mobydish_1.jpg 3. moby features