Moleskine LOGO

Moleskine LOGO by patrick Pedrosa from portugal

designer's own words:

moleskines' activity is developing registers and notebooks which serve as tools for recording and reading. as such, it was intended that the logo would respond to this need, summarizing its activities in a simple, direct, distinctive, legible and unique way. all these objects created by the brand are distinguished mainly by the rubber band that surrounds the notebook or register, which function is to remain these closed. therefore the symbol represents a notebook and a rubber band in its basic and simplified form. for colour, gray shades were used, corresponding to the colour of a graphite pencil depicting the writing tool. this typeface lettering was used because it is a current source, legible and contains filler (bold) sufficient to effect the implementation of the graph that overlaps the logo (ie, without making the logo "heavy"). the effect attributed to the graphic logo translates into a bright line, representing the pointing, writing and recording.

Moleskine LOGO (presentation)

moleskine_image_1.jpg Moleskine LOGO (image)