Moleskine logo creative people

Moleskine logo creative people by alexander garcia from usa

designer's own words:

so for this logo i wanted something that related to moleskine, simple but something that the target audience could relate to. People have ideas every day and need a place to write and draw them down. for the logo i used illustrator to make it. the concept is that moleskine is the base of every idea, its there when you need it, so i designed a "moleskine" underneath the word open ready to take ideas, it gives the feeling that moleskine is popping up and all ideas start there. the actual notebook is made with ink and paint brushes, relating once again back to the artistic people who use this product. The color palette is basic but makes it stand out and it is easy to convert to other formats. its a simple clean concept that wants to attract the right consumer, a consumer who feels understood.