MOLESKINERIE  n.f. (lat. moleskinum). Small graphic digression

MOLESKINERIE n.f. (lat. moleskinum). Small graphic digression by bouyer sylvain from france

designer's own words:

it's a wireless Label, a picture without background. it stretches, is molded through all our fantasies, our thoughts. the logo is a blank page, but not any blank page. it's the moleskine page, this one which, more than other, make live the dreams, tell stories. there is a body, a moleskine substance, that is revealed by the pen ball, the friction of the pencil, the trace of the paintbrush. There's this ink stain, which is piercing the paper ! to go further to new 'moleskineries'

reality, freedom and simplicity. it's my idea of a moleskinerie

dream draw .img © sylvain Bouyer

copy_22_drawing.jpg experiment .img © sylvain Bouyer

pochoir.jpg paint stain .img © sylvain Bouyer

copy_0_city.jpg extra color .img © sylvain Bouyer

log.jpg tracks .img © sylvain Bouyer