mons by tengchuan tey from spain

designer's own words:

Oftentimes certain repeated domestic actions are not questioned in its current form. The washbasin is one those elements least questioned because its conventional structure fulfills its function. Yet we think of the washbasin from the children´s perspective, and that it should ideally promote hygienic behaviour. With this in mind, we forged a new vision of the child-friendly washbasin.

When analyzing the structure of the washbasins in the places where children frequent: schools, leisure centres, parks, playgrounds, clinics, and of course the home, we realized that the normal washbasin adaptations are strictly variations of essential aspects (height, mechanism), without entering into details like water-saving mechanism, ergonomics, visual attraction or security. With our proposal, we attempt to cover the later points.

SAVE WATER - When the faucet is not being automatically-regulated, water is often wasted. In the case of children there is a greater risk of leaving the faucet open. When the water provision is automatic, less is wasted and there is no risk of accidentally leaving the faucet open. The built-in soap dispenser also ensures a substantial saving in hand-wash agent.

SECURITY - The form of the traditional washbasins is generally out of proportion with the height of younger children, and its material present an accidental risk. With the Mons form, possible accidental knocks are avoided from below. The innovative material also allows for a softer possible contact with the washbasin.

ERGONOMICS - The placement of the faucet and the projection of the conventional washbasin often make it difficult for the children to use the washbasin. The automatic control to the water provision is arranged for easy access. The flexure is small.

CLEANLINESS - The open form of the conventional washbasin makes it easy for water to splash on the floor. the closed form of Mons reduces the splashes.

Besides the functional improvements, now the child has a new, pleasant and likeable experience, which is the reason we resort to a design of attractive forms and direct association. The child introduces their hands in the smooth mouth of the figure which can be pleasant, and the fun is enhanced by the tooth element.

For the elaboration of the Mons washbasin “Duralmond” is used, which is a material obtained from the mixture of synthetic and natural resins. Its composition is very resistant and light, as well as 100% biodegradable and recyclable. In addition, its waterproof quality makes it ideal for humid areas, and it is also fireproof. “Duralmond” is a composite material of crushed almonds husks and other additives. This plant-based material is used in the manufacture of biodegradable and recyclable objects by means of the molding technique.

Mons is thought to be placed in school toilets, children parks, in other places where there are children or for the home. For that reason they are designed with different materials, colours and accessories, that would optimise the relationship between user and utensil.

"Poor Mons, it only has one tooth. But I´m sure it will get many gifts from Little Mouse Perez." Marta Torres, 6-years

The child introduces their hands in the smooth mouth of the figure which can be pleasant, and the fun is enhanced by the tooth element.

mons_02.jpg Mons with a flowerpot on its head.

mons_03.jpg The expanded Mons version with 3 water outlets, thought for public spaces, school, parks, etc.