Morpho Handle by Pablo Torres

Morpho Handle by Pablo Torres by Pablo Torres from brazil

designer's own words:

A young product, distinctive and eclectic. The morpho, how its name implies, is a model that has a single base knob, but suffers a 'metamorphosis', resulting in different products for different consumers, streamlining production, but may offer a different product for each user type. Modifying the handle, you can have several types of handles, from the most traditional to the most innovative. The result is visual, material, comfort, different uses for each model. The handles can be made of metal with chrome or gold finish, wood, plastic and even rings EVA Ethylene vinyl acetate), which represents eclecticism and multiplicity of possible configurations.

Morpho Handle

morpho2.jpg Use process

morpho3.jpg Flexibility and design versatility

morpho4.jpg Design details

morpho5.jpg Technical drawing