Mr. Clean Eco

Mr. Clean Eco by clive roux from usa

designer's own words:

Mr. Clean Eco proposes a new green approach to Mr. Clean, in keeping with consumer demand for more sustainable products.
The label clearly describes the proposal. The barcode represents a new way of describing the material and recycling conditions for the packaging. The consumer returns unsorted bottles to a recycle point at the local shopping center. The Magic of the barcode is that it enables the Automated recycling point to identify the bottle (material, chemical content, colors...), sort it, shred it and dump it in the appropriate mass transportation hopper. This reduces sorting and shipping costs in the recycle value chain as well as enabling coupon based rewards to be issued to the recycling consumer for use in the store for products by the same manufacturer.
The system can be used by the manufacturer to gain credit for recycling as the amount of returned bottles is now known. It could also be used to avoid (future) costs levied against Retailers and Brands for the cost of county recycling programs.
The design reflects a more modern approach to Mr. Clean. New man if you like, more sensitive and refined. The use of translucence invokes a more sensuous feeling in the product as does the subtle tilting of the form to imply dynamic movement - fitting for a strong man like Mr. Clean.
Careful attention has been paid to the recycling issues. There is no label, the graphics are printed directly onto the packaging to eliminate problems in the recycling process and increase the yield of recycled pure materials. This has in turn driven a new fresher look for the Mr. Clean brand.

Mr. Clean goes green.