musa by carlos fierro fierroles from usa

designer's own words:

MUSA - 500 Everywhere
An exploration of social contexts: A design for Fiat 500

Design Statement
Musa for the Fiat 500 is a concept for spontaneous social interaction that enables the spirit of the Fiat driving experience to inspire the people, places and events around it. As much about society and culture as it is about transportation, the design infuses many things we take for granted with a sense of renewal. An air-filled canopy creates a versatile space for shelter, casual gatherings or promotional events, while multipurpose inflatable seating, projection system and cooler afford luxury in any environment.

The criteria for our concept are focused around the ability to emphasize and expand the lifestyle aspects of the Fiat brand. We chose the title of Musa (muse) to reflect how the concept can inspire you to “get your friends together and go.” With multiple configurations and a penchant for a good time, Musa for the Fiat 500 is a transportable experience that combines the adventures of the open road with a visceral sense of place and belonging. Our concept as described by five basic parameters:

Create a backdrop for interactive social events
Offer flexible solutions that are compact, easy to set-up and transport
Design for a broad market of users/uses
Introduce technologies that supplement those already found in the Fiat 500
Highlight the fun and contemporary style of Fiat

Concept Applications
Protection from natural elements
Camping out
Promotional events
Trade shows
Outdoor recreation and leisure
Parties and outdoor concerts
Movies with a group

Concept Features
The inflatable tube structure of the canopy is manufactured using a PET polyester film such as Mylar™. Spanning in between the inflatable tubes is the same PET film printed with photochromic ink. At night the film appears translucent and absent of any color, but when exposed to sunlight during the day the ink bursts into a multicolored pattern created during the printing process. A third feature of the canopy construction is a nylon mesh that serves as an ideal projection surface. These materials are lightweight, durable and offer a minimal footprint when stored for transport.

Taking advantage of the shade created by the canopy, or under a full moon, a compact LED projector is mounted to the rear interior of the car. Projecting away from the car, it can be used for viewing films or can serve as an additional scenic backdrop for your event.

For fast and easy setup, an integral compact air compressor for inflating and deflating the canopy is housed in a rigid mount secured to the roof of the car with two easy to use pump action vacuum cups. These cups offer incredible strength while allowing the entire canopy to be easily positioned according to the needs of the occasion, such as finding the right amount of shade with the movement of the sun.

The anterior of the canopy rests comfortably on any terrain the Fiat 500 can traverse. In order to ensure against punctures and abrasions, a layer of polyethylene rubber, such as Hypalon™ is applied to the base of the canopy where it comes in contact with the ground. Anchoring this end of the structure are four rubber coated steel plates that fit into a sleeve created by the polyethylene rubber. Alternatively, aluminum “tent” stakes with nylon rope are also provided.

For relaxation, the Musa also comes with four inflatable seats made from the same PET polyester film and durable polyethylene rubber base. A reinforced nylon handle is added when you want to go from the beach to the ocean or if you need to accommodate a late arriving guest.

When deflated, a flexible polypropylene mesh cover wraps the canopy and mount so that it can be neatly stored inside the travel container. This partially rigid container houses all components found in the Musa concept. Composed of a rigid base and a polyester/nylon cover, it also boasts specialized compartments such as a cooler for food or beverages, as well as convenient carrying handles and wheels for easy mobility.

Further Development
Investigate the use of post consumer/post industrial materials
Develop supplemental accessories and customized packages for specific sectors of the market
Further the Fiat and Musa brands with home or wearable accessories


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