my weight!

my weight! by raul edo torres from spain

designer's own words:

The proposal consists of giving new ways to re-use the package, in order to offer the consumer an extended use of resources.

“...Damn, one again carrying these heavy shopping bags... I wake up early in the morning but I’m late to class, I meet my friends for lunch, I’m running to work... and I have neither time or money for going to the gym or having stupid working out machines that are useless... I just wanna have fun and get in shape!”

We talk about re-using packages, giving a new conception of use.The idea is to mantain the archetype of the D. Limpio bottle, so that it becomes an object that the consumer can recognize. We use the Don Limpio bottle as a mold to make homemade weights, to keep fit.

Transforming an apparently useless package once the product has been used, in a simple and funny way, without forgetting about Brand Identity, so that we show the care from the company to the consumer.

-To create a complicity between “product” and “user”, as a fidelity method.
-To concern the user and invite him/her to play with the bottle.
-To make clear that the company is sensitive with recycling and cares about the package’s after-life.
-Differentation from other Cleaning Products. (Promotion)
-Reusability of the product, to create a new concept of product, without loosing the Company Idendity.
-Concerness about Design.
-Playing, playing and playing..........................

i need to get in shape

reinvent2.gif making homemade weights

copy_0_reinvent3.gif my weight