nido lamp

nido lamp by raul chavez from mexico

designer's own words:

Craftsmanship is an art that is transferred from generation to generation. Is an ability that is inherited by a tradition, by a culture. In “Nido” lamp the approach towards craftsmanship is vast. Nido Lamp found a usual object of the nature transform by handcraft into a piece of art, a piece of nature. Using an artificial handcrafted nest, nido lamp recreates the birth of the light. Nido Lamp is the place where the light has life, the place of birth.
Nido Lamp is created from natural fibers, handcrafted by artisans in traditional markets all around Mexico. Nido Lamp creates a unique experience recreating nature and accurate craftsmanship.

Nido Lamp

nidolamp2.jpg Nido Light

nidolamp3.jpg Contempo