nold by margriet foolen from netherlands

designer's own words:

Nold, is new and old.

These rough, one-person earthenware bowls are inspired by the slow-cooking r?mertopf. You let te bowl soak water for 10 minutes and than nold is ready to cook, you'll put raw meat, fish or vegetables in it and after a while diner is ready.It is very healthy to cook in them because you don’t need to use oil or butter and all the vitamins and minerals stay in the food. Depending on the amount you’re cooking, you choose the deep or the shallow part. Colorful, heatproof silicon rings make the bowls stackable. When they come out of the oven you can place them directly on the table and eat out of the bowls.

Margriet Foolen


2_a.jpg noud

3_a.jpg nold is new and old