octocube by vivien muller from france

designer's own words:

Fractal structures are often used to maximize performance of exchange surfaces, that’s why the radiator shape is inspired by the Peano space filling curve.
On the contrary to what it might seem ; this complicated volume is quite easy to build, the first modules (cf technical plan, “8 joins”) are made of existing plumbing joins (a 90° M/F elbow) fitted together by rotation so it is unnecessary to produce a cast which already exists.
Repeat the operation by using these modules instead of the initial join by join process to reach a second level (“64 joins”), then redo the assembly one more time with this new component to fulfill the product (“512 joins”).
The final 34 cm³ structure achieves an excellent heat output thanks to a 2 m² surface area.
(One more thing, the plastic is tinted with full mass-tone color but moulding all the parts with a thermosensitive PVC, that changes color according to the temperature of the water flowing inside, would make the radiator appear to glow.)


technicalplan.jpg Technical Plan

copy_0_insituation.jpg In Situation