ON TIME Sound headset system

ON TIME Sound headset system by Pedro Gomes from portugal

designer's own words:

ON TIME – Sound headset system is a Project that looks into the future, aiming to new trends and styles. It re-designs the concept of headsets and placing it as a desirable design object to wear weather to use it as an headset or as a futuristic clock-bracelet developing a strong interface experience with the user trough it´s aesthetic & functional values. When using it as an headset, the bracelet works as a clock and its LCD touchpad screen allows the user to see the caller id optimizing mobility levels since there isn´t the need to pick up the phone to check it. When calling, the bracelet vibrates for a silent warning and to answer the calls, it´s only needed one touch on the screen and two to deny it. So ON-TIME design is an ergonomic project that links true multiple functionalities and amazing design solutions

on time 1

painel2.jpg on time 2

painel3.jpg on time 3