Once Was comb

Once Was comb by rafael morgan from brazil

designer's own words:

We are so used to some everyday objects that sometimes we don´t realize what´s behind them, where do they came from.

Great part of the exotic wood that is consumed in USA and Europe are illegally imported from developing countries like Brazil.

This comb reminds us of what it once was in the past.

It once was a tree, it once was alive.

The emptiness of its negative form remind us of its original silhouette, which no longer exists.

I truly believe that we can enjoy life in a sustainable way. This comb is supposed to be produced in laser cut industrial wooden waste, so when you ask yourself from where does this wood came, you will know that you are not damaging our planet.

The next time you see a jacket, a shoe, a piece of meat or a car, try to reflect about what it once was in the past and the consequences of consuming it.

Anyway, I hope this design can make people think about what´s truly important in life.

Everything has a story....