óptimo by cristian cavallini from argentina

designer's own words:

THERMAL CHINA CONTAINER AND COW LEATHER BASE manufactured without handle and with double wall.

CONCEPT: To design experiences. To turn our feeding in a ritual, to tighten the bond between the generated atmosphere and the people that are part of it. To invite people to take the necessary time to enjoy a relaxed moment and the greatest connection. To go against the rush that new urban life imposes on us.

SOCIAL IMPACT: We have in mind people who are aware of the reality we live in; people who know that our future will have to be built in harmony with Nature. We seek to get to our users reflection through daily experience we feel the presence of a general need related to seeking better life quality. Consumption society offers products which are more and more ephemeral and disposable and this makes bonds between people to follow the same trend having more does not mean living better or being happier. We propose genuine, honest, durable products, which come from and will go back to the earth after a long life in which the user has a relationship or possession and authentic identification with the object. We aim at human beings reflection and conscience in their relationship with nature and culture.

FORMAL ASPECT: The tackling of the concept brought about a new form: We have made a special point of ergonomics, functional and communicative aspects of form seeking a complete relationship between user and product, balance perception and serenity. The use of this container is natural and instinctive, heat gets to the hands mildly causing sensations witch are intrinsically related to the human aspects of nourishment.

INNOVATION: Origin: to break down old typologies, to create new ideas and forms for new times.
Rediscovery: to seek the origin and make a new starting point. To create types.
Result: Containers without handles and with double wale that can be held in the hands without burning them. New domestic uses of cow leather. A fusion of Oriental and European customs from our Argentinean urban point of view.

MATERIALS: We have chosen natural materials whose transformation does not require high of technology china and cow leather. China has a high degree of hardness witch allows very thin walls that make light but resistant pieces with high quality perception. The high quality, warmth and durability of Argentinean leather make it the perfect choice fort domestic life. The vegetable tanning of leather is done with natural tan and other natural elements.

MANUFACTURING: Semi-industrial manufacturing, discrete high quality flow. Process: cast china poured into moulds of plaster finishing touch and enamelwork done by hand. Previous baking at 800ºC and final baking at 1460ºC, Hot-die forged, printed, engraved and sewed cow leather accessories.
We can provide the necessary engineering solutions for optimal manufacturing. We have development the die-stamping and tested different prototypes and material formulae this developed work allows easy production implementation in factories that count with the usual infrastructure and it can be adapted to the materials of the region where the factory is.

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