PAUSE by Rajeev Dave from india

designer's own words:

PAUSE is a time measuring device. It functions using the combined principles of the rolling of a conical object along its slope following a circular path, a plumb line and the eccentric clock mechanism, which is the heart of the time piece.
The simplicity of the concept is reflected in its production. The components can be produced through existing manufacturing processes such as molding, machining, etc. The proposed materials for the production of PAUSE can vary from traditional materials such as wood and ceramic to plastics, composites and alloys.
Owing to the nature of its structure and geometry, PAUSE possesses the capability to be scaled to many sizes: it can be a table top accessory or even an installation of tremendous proportions.
The principles driving PAUSE are simple, and hence lends itself to great adaptability in terms of usage of materials and scaling of proportions.

The Concept of PAUSE:In Full View
How PAUSE Tells Time
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