PINKEYE Dining by ruud belmans from belgium

designer's own words:

1. "Scratch my back" is a cute and stylised interpretation of the classic cheese grate, combined with a new approach - the four feet creating a stable stance - that allows for a simpler use. No more carrot grating all over the place, just on your plate.

2. Freshpads are stickers that discolor over time when put inside a fridge due to thermal ink. Each day one dot dissolves, allowing you to see how long that carton of milk has been opened! A practical dispenser is mounted on the fridge door.

3. Thermoboard is a cutting board that curves up into a stir frier when heated. This allows cooks in small kitchens to cut vegetables on a flat board and let them simmer when the same board turns into a curved bowl.

freshpadimage.jpg Freshpads help keep your food fresh and safe.

kookplankimage.jpg Thermoboard, a cutting board turning into a stir frier when heated