PIXIMOT by MAMIKIM & Co. from uk

designer's own words:

PIXIMOT is a freestanding screen that uses a matrix of 30mm wooden cubes to display video footage in a simple pixelated form.

Using software capable of interpreting live or recorded video footage each cube is rotated individually on its Y-axis in 90-degree steps to reveal one of 4 colour tones. The entire array of cubes form a whole image refreshing at an equivalent of 10 frames per second.

PIXIMOT was developed as an object that simplified the environment it reflects. It directly references digital technology through the use of pixelation represented with wooden blocks and turns a mundane mechanism into a playful, interactive and aesthetically pleasing product. Revealing what is physically creating the image while retaining some mystery over how this is technically happening provokes intrigue and curiosity in the viewer.

PIXIMOT is a self-contained piece of work. Although made from multiple moving parts these can be easily manufactured using CNC batch production. Further research into the programming and fixture detail would be the most valuable part of the mentoring process. On site assembly would be a simple process of installing the cubes onto the structural frame using their magnetic fixture, which also lends itself to easy access and maintenance.

There is huge potential for customisation of the PIXIMOT technology and therefore an opportunity to develop the product for different uses. It would suit window displays, public spaces and live entertainment. The colour palette can be easily changed or the screen size adapted and being modular by nature PIXIMOT offers longevity for all of these applications.

Design Potential 01
Design Potential 02
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Detail: Drawing
Detail: Perspective