poly by philip crewe from uk

designer's own words:

In the UK most people drive many kilometers to buy their shopping at large supermarkets, who in turn import their stock from thousands kilometers away, and often from other countries.

Current delivery systems are geared around moving food en-mass. A famous example is; supermarkets which regularly fly freshly cut flowers from Kenya but don’t stock potatoes from the small holding farmer across the road from them. This attitude is economically and morally unsustainable in today’s world.

In order to enjoy a sustainable and healthy lifestyle people need to start buying more local produce.

Poly is a new generation of market stall. Built using recycled and recyclable materials and powered by an electric motor. It is cheap to buy and run so local farmers, crafts people and service providers have an economical way of selling their goods to their community.

As a result people will be healthier, happier and the community as a whole will become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

poly exterior

market_2.jpg poly opened out into a market stall

storyboard_3.jpg day-in-the-life storyboard