power plant

power plant by Hanan bensho from israel

designer's own words:

Many efforts are made these days to bring the wind power into the urban space. Wind energy is cheap and can be much more affordable for private consumers.
PowerPlant is designed for the people, it is a small scale device that can supply home use consumption, while creating pleasant and aesthetic environment. The division to small elements creates cheaper production costs, and small components (with less mass) can start produce power in lower wind velocities. Secondly, the usual center axis changed here to external big cog that with transmissions use the wind power more efficiently.
PowerPlant can be personalized with colors, amount and size of the elements. It can be upgraded continuously (by adding more turbines).
The facts the elements are small and low weight, makes it safe for humans and birds.
The result is colorful cheerful power plant that can be placed on terraces and balconies without any aesthetic pollution.
The PowerPlant comes in scales:
Urban, Street / boulevard mounted: 7m height, with 90cm diameter turbines .
Home, Roof mounted: 3m height, with 40cm diameter turbines.

Power Plant 1

copy_0_pph3a_copy.jpg Power Plant 2

copy_0_pph2a_copy.jpg Power Plant 3